Loyalty Program
Consulting & Design

For optimum results we work with you to identify and create opportunities, and implement strategies that will increase your share of customers and optimize your loyalty program outcomes.

Utilizing our Fast Track methodology, the process involves:

1. Client Audit

Compilation of comprehensive information and data regarding the client’s customer base (profiles, segments, etc) and current status of preparedness in the following areas: technology, operations, customer service, sales processes, administration, etc.

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2. Customer Segmentation

Identification & Analysis of the target customer segments, and the development of an understanding of the loyalty drivers of these segments. This activity will also cover customer segment acquisition & retention strategies

3. Program Design

This will involve the identification and enumeration of program (scheme) tactics and ultimately structures, strategies, processes & technology that when implemented will provide the greatest ROI and meet client objectives.

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4. Financial Modelling

The generation of financial estimates for each of the program scenarios developed and the generation of a comprehensive business case, which will include revenue, expense and cash flow estimates. In addition, we will analyse the Return on Investment (ROI), break-even point, and profitability for the scenarios.

5. Program Measurement

The creation of measurement criteria and the development of systems to monitor program performance for lead indicators such as member satisfaction, target customer segment penetration and activity, lifetime member value, customer retention, etc.

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