WPP DIscounts

WPP_Medium_RGBWPP discounts are negotiated with the companies directly and WPP is constantly adding new discounts and privileges from favorite retailers, attractions, travel partners, restaurants and other providers around the world. The discounts negotiated are all year round and not limited to when and how often you can use them.
The WPP discounts are easy to access, to get started just login to the secure WPP website with your membership number and password, select the categories or retailers you want to view, then click the company whose discounts you would like to take advantage of, view the information detailing how to take advantage of the discounts offered. WPP works with thousands of companies around the world, so no matter what you’re looking for, there is sure to be a great discount or privilege to help save time and money.
World Privilege Plus provides access to discounts from
• Over 1,000 Retail Outlets in the UK, US, Europe & Asia
• Over 200,000 hotels worldwide,
• Car rental in 171 countries in 30,000 city and airport locations
• 600 airport lounges worldwide
• Theme parks, sightseeing tours, theatre shows, experience days and other activities in over 50 countries around the world.

Brands in the WPP portfolio include but are not limited to


Visit  www.worldprivilegeplus.com  for more information.