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It’s a new year. Everyone is agog with making new year resolutions and actually keeping them. Some of you may have made a list or two, or actually carried over some of your 2016/2017 resolutions. ‘NO PRESSURE’ We are not judging.

A lot of us stick to the Mantra “New Year New Me’ Great I personally believe and advocate for it, but don’t you think the same logic should apply to your Businesses and Organization. As a brand what new year resolutions have you made (and will keep) to ensure that your brand is brand new?

It’s a new year and as you make changes to your personal life and lifestyle the same logic should apply to your business.  Successful brands are the ones who always evaluate plans, build customer loyalty, analyze what is and is not resonating with customers, then drive those insights back into their business. This time of year, many brands are making New Year’s resolutions, how is your business evaluating and solidifying customer strategies to ensure you reach revenue and profitability goals required to creating and improving customer experiences?

2018 should be a year where companies deploy new engagement strategies that result in increased customer satisfaction. If you didn’t adopt a loyalty program in 2017, this is one New Year’s resolution that’s sure to pay off, and we have the numbers to prove it.

As you’re planning for the year ahead, consider injecting some loyalty into your 2018 plan. I will share with you some lessons you can take with you into the new year to make sure you’re at the top of customers’ minds from January all the way through December. The beginning of the year is a time to look at your business’ progress and plan how you want it to develop.

image 2A Loyalty Program is a valuable tool that can help any kind of business thrive in today’s world if done right. A company that has a detailed well-run Loyalty Program and of course a clear vision of its future will be driven in purpose and effective in its entire business venture.

I have had a friend say to me I do not need a loyalty program I am fine with having regular periodic sales.

“Sales are temporary, but a good loyalty program is forever”

We recently conducted a back-to-school survey, 91 percent of shoppers said a reward or promotion would encourage them to take their business someplace new. Fifty-three percent also said price is the biggest driver of buying decisions. But competing with other stores’ sales isn’t the only way to bring shoppers in the door. Staying connected with customers via a loyalty program is a more reliable way to always be at the top of consumers’ minds.

Another thing to note: a history of meeting revenue goals doesn’t necessarily indicate future success. loyalty is the best way to create a shopping experience that draws in new customers and keeps everyone coming back time after time.

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There are some of you who may already have a loyalty program running. Great work!!! However, do not rest on the same old strategies you have always used. it’s 2018. there are constant technology updates and totally new inventions debuting every day, ask me today about Loyalty strategies to help you engage conscious consumers.



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