Loyalty Programs and Millennials

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Loyalty Programs and Millennials

The world is changing and the word millennials is standing out as the day goes by, businesses are currently trying to morph their models to fit this booming market “millennial market”. Day to day they are bombarded with adverts and promotions specifically targeting them, the obvious question here is what does loyalty mean to a millennial? Contrary to popular opinion millennials are largely loyal when they find a brand that ties into their ideals and lifestyle.

The basic things millennials want is to identify with the brands they buy from. They want their voices to be heard by marketers, and they are not afraid of sharing their positive or negative brand experiences on their social networks. It’s not a question anymore; there’s a lot that marketers need to think about to earn a millennial audience’s loyalty. In view of loyalty programs millennials like programs that offer conveniences, and they tend to gravitate to those businesses that can offer such programs, this might be sad to here but studies have shown that they dislike having to carry too many cards. Most loyalty programs come with the added burden of a card or key tag that members must carry so it can be scanned every time a purchase is made, in order to get credit or points towards a reward.

It is a known fact that Millennials are committed to their digital lives therefore loyalty programs that are mobile-based and integrated into a smartphone app are especially attractive to millennials, as they take advantage of their increasing desire for mobility with their attraction to loyalty programs.

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According to a report by Extentus Nearly 40% of “digital native” Millennials rely on mobile apps to track and redeem their rewards” this shouldn’t come as a surprise given the surge in app downloads ranging from apps for day to day organization to fitness trackers and meal planners, basically moving your loyalty program to a mobile app will definitely appeal to this demographic.

In view of the digital revolution we should all note that it goes beyond designing a loyalty app and pushing people to download, effort should be put in the design and functionality of the application. Reports have shown that a millennial will delete a mobile app that has an unattractive logo and interface almost as immediately as they download it.

Keep in mind that your loyalty program should be patterned to your target audience so loyalty cards are still relevant depending on who your business caters to. 

I am yet to download any loyalty app, maybe because my preferred brands do not have their application or I have not inquired about it, I’ll be sure to give feedback on my loyalty app usage when I finally download one.

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