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The yuletide season is upon us again; everyone is fighting for attention no matter what their industry or business sector is. According to an article I read, Matt Curry; Director of e-commerce at online sex toy retailer Lovehoney Group stated that; “When it comes to sex toys, Christmas purchases beats Valentine’s Day”. Isn’t this fascinating? There are a lot of sales opportunities during the yuletide season. Brands offering all sorts of sales, discounts, promotions and campaigns. Your differentiation should be your unique selling proposition; have an understanding of your customer wants and needs, tailor your products and services to meet their demands and also deliver a flawless customer experience that keeps them coming back. This is what customer loyalty is all about. The result can be a long-term relationship rather than a one-time customer.

Brands need to be able to identify their customers and speak to their needs most especially in a season where they are bombarded with all sorts of messages/e-mails about Christmas or holiday Promotions, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Deals, Events, Shows and a whole lot more. One can easily get overwhelmed.

Let me recall my experience during the recently concluded “Black Friday” sales. I was looking forward to the sales… In fact, I had saved up for the D-Day. But guess what? The Black Friday season came and went and I did not make a single purchase. You know why? I became uninterested; 90% of the deals that were thrown in my face or communicated to me were not personalized. In fact, it got so boring and exhausting I did not just bother to follow-up anymore.

The result of this approach is that you see your customers treating this information as noise as you have refused to communicate the right products and services to them.

“Brands need to be able to personalize a customer’s experience, cut through the noise and communicate what is essential.”

Understanding customers and their purchase behaviors is an essential part of successful loyalty; without this, no matter how big the budget or how creative it is, a campaign can seriously miss the mark. Organizations need to be able to personalize the customers experience, cut through the noise and communicate what is essential to a customer. You will also inevitably be able to channel and manage resources adequately.


For those brands who have been running loyalty programs, here is a quick tip:

it is important to note that Christmas loyalty rewards offer a tool for brands to engage with their customer base and use this time of year to reinforce brand affiliation. The best loyalty rewards shouldn’t involve a heavy cost to the consumer, but should instead provide them with an experience to remember, whether that means a free box of chocolate or a cinema ticket to use over the holidays. Larger rewards could range from weekend trips away or even an overseas holiday.

“Personalization is Everything”

Again, personalization is everything here, so it is important for businesses to know and understand their audience. By selecting a reward that consumers will truly value, a Christmas loyalty scheme can deliver clear benefits for both the business and its consumers that last well into the New Year and many years to come.


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