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I remember a meeting we had with a client last year, the company has been facing challenges, then the pandemic happened and this compounded the case even more. They spun numerous plates and tried to tackle the issue the best way they know but it persisted, the next step for them was to rethink their strategy and that’s how we got involved. To properly understand their pain points, we decided to run an analysis, while we were assessing their business, we found out a total disconnect between the customers and the business. It became quite apparent to us what the pitfall was, kindly note that our clients gave us the impression that customers #love their products and services which begs the question ‘ ‘’why is this not impacting the company’s bottom line?’’

My team and I conducted series of analysis to draw further insights and also evaluate the attitude of our client’s customers, the research showed that a high percentage of their customers have very strong and positive view of the company, but repeat business was still low, and referrals were so much less.This could only mean one thing, Customers may have loved this company and of course their products/services but they weren’t #loyal to the brand, the #love isn’t demonstrated through their behavior. If you want to benefit from the good feelings your customers have about you, it’s very pertinent to drive the emotion from #love to #loyalty, encourage and grow it. Leverage better on it.


Here are ways customer loyalty can manifest itself in your business.


I’m sure you are wondering how all these can be achieved, it’s very simple by identifying and rewarding your #loyal customers. Loyalty program is a great way to keep hold of your customers and of course acquire new ones, and this is one of the reasons why brands are investing more into loyalty and rewards programs mostly in this ‘’#newnormal’’.

Each time a customer is rewarded, you appeal to their emotional side, you build a bond and as that bond develops, they start seeing you as more than a range of products and services. By connecting with your customers’ emotions, it gives you a way to set your brand apart oering a much more enhanced (and personal) customer experience.


It’s a nice feeling to know your customers love you. I’m very sure my client, whom I described above, felt very good about it. But they felt even better when with the aid of our loyalty program turned that love into loyalty, our turnkey Rewardsbox platform engineered the transformation.

RewardsBox is a communication driven rewards platform that offers wide array of Local & International Catalog items, ranging from white goods, travel, experiences, vouchers, meals, bills payment, cinema tickets and much more, all we did was plug into their existing platform, and voila gifting started, problem solved, now my client is gladly reaping the fruits of more productive and more profitable customer relationship.

Be like my client, contact us today, we are always available to help you build a long lasting relationship with your customers and loyalty framework that will keep your bottom line healthy.


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