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We are in the celebration mood again and there are only 2 things that make customers want to tell the world about their experience with any brand – Amazingly great service and horribly bad service. Most businesses / brands fall somewhere in between.

As we all know, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing channel available to businesses today, all we need do is generate positive word of mouth amongst our best customers. One guaranteed way of achieving this is through unexpected, thoughtful and relevant gifts. The aim of gifting is to incite powerful emotions and to develop a real connection by giving a great customer an unexpected gift. How to achieve this? Pretty simple:

Loyalty Programs are great for rewarding customer behaviour / transactions but in most cases, they already expect the gifts / rewards, we need to always remember that when gifting customers we need to forget about promoting a specific product /service and give something they actually want rather than an obvious marketing ploy

We all have the seasonal gifts we get from businesses that we immediately pass on to our helps or other members of staff, or just pile up in a corner. To know what gift to get, all you have to do is check through your customer data to profile your customers, know what product or service they use and more importantly decide who to gift.

I keep getting these discount vouchers from a bank I no longer use, if I remember correctly the account must be dormant by now and they forget that they need to reserve their gifts for their best customers. It is important to note that if you are going to treat everyone the same then really, no one is special and ‘Special’ is precisely how you want your random gift recipients to feel.

Regardless of your budget, there are infinite number of ways to show customers some love. Let’s remember, it’s not only a great opportunity to give, it’s an impressive way to connect to your customers and have them tell the world how special you made them feel.

Have a great holiday and please feel free to reach me via email for any comments or questions

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