Customer Communication & Interaction In The 21st Century: Gaining Your Customers Loyalty

  • Posted by admin 04 Aug

Customer Communication & Interaction In The 21st Century: Gaining Your Customers Loyalty

In the 21st Century, the Smartphone is the must have tool with over 70% of phone users carrying a
Smartphone. Imagine how cost effective and engaging it would be if you could communicate and stay connected with your customers all day and every day from any part of the world via their Smartphone! In the past, you were limited to letters (snail mail), and the like; with the interaction being really only 1-way. But in today’s more interactive world, to enhance your customer interaction & build true loyalty, you need a tool that is always in the palm of your customer’s hand.

To help you take advantage of this opportunity, we have developed & make available to you as part of our PerX Loyalty Platform, one of the simplest, most cost effective, and efficient customer interaction solutions – The PerX Mobile App; that presents businesses like yours with an opportunity to leverage on this communication and engagement channel to enhance your relationship with your loyal customers.

With the PerX Mobile App, you can establish a true real-time 2-way interactive communication channel to your
customers. Your customers will be able to receive real-time notifications, custom or ad-hoc messaging from your business, participate in surveys, give you real-time feedback, update or manage their profile data & automatically update your customer database, check their loyalty points balances, view your rewards catalogue & redeem items from your catalogue, and lots more.

The PerX Mobile App is available on Apple iOS, Android & Blackberry 10 Smartphone platforms fully branded to your company specifications as part of your Loyalty Program. Get in the palm of your customers hands today & establish a real long term interactive relationship.

For more details on the PerX Mobile App, please do not hesitate to reach us today on: or  call 0812 289 5690.

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