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Ever wondered why your customer Satisfaction has been on top notch but your employer keeps asking you why people are not sticking around. Although, it seems like you are doing all you can to satisfy your customers but all measures appear futile because they don’t seem to be loving your brand. Then you start a self-evaluation asking yourself questions Why is it so? if my customers are satisfied they must also be loyal? Sadly, it doesn’t always work that way. Customer Satisfaction is not the Same thing as customer loyalty.

Although, loyalty can be a result of customer satisfaction, but only along with a lot of other factors. When we address the term ‘measuring customer satisfaction’ we are talking about gauging the customer’s attitude towards their latest interaction with the company. Was the issue resolved? If so, most customers will reply verbally or even through a survey data acquired by the business that they are satisfied with the service they received.

However, that customer might still be upset that they had to contact customer service in the first place, complain to an attendant or even fill an online form every time to give a derogatory comment. For example, a situation where I sign up for a daily meal delivery service and everyday they either forget an ingredient or give me a wrong meal. Each day, they forget one of the ingredients in my box. Each day, I have to call or send an email requesting for my missing ingredient or the exact meal I ordered for. For every time I call, they promptly replace the missing ingredient or return my food with a great apology and a credit towards next week shop.

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I might be satisfied with the tenacity of each conversation but I probably won’t be loyal to the company for very long. Customer satisfaction is a short-term win while customer loyalty is the long-term goal.

Loyal customers will spend more with your company over their lifetime. They will recommend you to family and friends. They will stick with you because they want to, not because they are instructed to or have no other option. That is the ultimate goal. Keeping a customer coming back for more means they’ll continue to grow their lifetime value with your company. That particular mindset about the company cannot easily be altered because they are loyal to that particular brand. It is not just about buying and selling anymore it is about an emotional commitment to the business.  The irony of it all is that customer loyalty has two sides how a customer feels and talks, and how a customer actually behaves.  Surely, you are interested in an explanation of the sides to Customer Loyalty. Let’s hold on with our inquisitive mind all your questions would be answered in my next article.


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