A customer loyalty program is a structured and long-term marketing effort which provides incentives to repeat customers who demonstrate a desired buying / spending behaviour.  Successful programs are designed to motivate customers in a business’s target market to return often, make frequent purchases, refer more customers, and shun competitors.

Nigerian businesses like most anywhere in the world, face considerable technical, experience and cost related challenges in deploying proprietary loyalty or reward programs. These very factors are the key drivers of our business approach of providing cost effective, experience based services accultured to Nigerian business conditions. Loyalty Solutions Limited has all the loyalty infrastructure & expertise in-house.

Loyalty Solutions Limited provides an end-to-end Loyalty Program Design and Management Service that is based on Knowing Our Clients and their needs, Derived from Our Understanding of the Nigerian and West African market, and The Skill and Experience we bring to identify and overcome the attendant challenges, risks, and opportunities offered by Customer Loyalty & Incentive Programs






For optimum results we work with you to identify or create opportunities, and implement strategies that will increase your share of customer and optimize your loyalty program outcomes.

Utilizing our ‘Fast Track’ methodology, the process involves:

  • Client Audit – Compilation of comprehensive information and data regarding the client’s customer base (profiles, segments, etc) and current status of preparedness in the following areas: technology, operations, customer service, sales processes, administration, etc.
  • Customer Segmentation – Identification & Analysis of the target customer segments, and the development of an understanding of the loyalty drivers of these segments. This activity will also cover customer segment acquisition & retention strategies
  • Program Design – This will involve the identification and enumeration of program (scheme) tactics and ultimately structures, strategies, processes & technology that when implemented will provide the greatest ROI and meet client objectives.
  • Financial Modelling – The generation of financial estimates for each of the program scenarios developed and the generation of a comprehensive business case, which will include revenue, expense and cash flow estimates. In addition, we will analyse the Return on Investment (ROI), break-even point, and profitability for the scenarios.
  • Program Measurement – The creation of measurement criteria and the development of systems to monitor program performance for lead indicators such as member satisfaction, target customer segment penetration and activity, lifetime member value, customer retention, etc.

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PerX™ is an enterprise level customer management solution enabling companys’ to create & manage acquisition, retention, growth, frequency & transaction based customer management strategies.  Deployed either as a Cloud-Based or On-Premise solution, PerX™ offers a secure multi-currency multi-partner loyalty & rewards management solution to our clients.

With multiple campaign configuration options, a customizable communications suite, a full reporting suite (all data exportable), call center integration and branded iOS and Android mobile app, PerX™ provides our clients with a world class loyalty/reward management solution.

PerX™ is designed to cover all features you need to implement and manage a world class customer and employee loyalty program. PerX™ can be used to create targeted campaigns based on defined campaign parameters – transactions, spend, transaction channel, sku, date and time or purchase etc. as well as customer engagement tools such as referrals, auctions, and sweepstakes

PerX™ is applicable across all industry segments with a robust rules engine for targeted multi-channel, multi currency campaigns and rewarding. The application is also integrated with a Transaction Management POS tool along with voucher and gift card options with unlimited tier levels and criterias. PerX™ is offered as a fully customizable white label platform allowing for the branding and customization to meet your desired brand expression.

PerX™ is suitable for small to large scale program implementations and is the best choice for single-brand and coalition loyalty programs alike.

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PREMIUM INCENTIVES™ is an online real time incentive application that caters to Single or Multi Branch environments. It instantly calculates and applies the pre-configured incentive instantly to the customer’s transactions. Rules can be applied based on:

  • Customer Tier (segment),
  • Customer Spend,
  • Membership
  • Transaction Location
  • Date and time of the week.

The PREMIUM INCENTIVES™ Application comes with Audit / User Tracking capability that identifies all staff processing transactions at each location

The application comes with a full Customer Communications Suite (email & sms) that enables customer communication per transaction, in aggregate or customized as needed.

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Rewarding your customers for profitable transactions is the key to the relationship between a firm and its customers.  Loyalty & Reward programs are most successful when they provide carefully selected reward items that will be appreciated by your customer segments. The incentives you select need to be tailored to match your participants’ demographics, culture & profiles.

To do that, we provide a dedicated online and offline platform aimed at enabling the identification, selection and fulfilment of customer rewards to any part of Nigeria. Our merchandise is sourced and supplied via our Exclusive Network of Merchandise & Benefit Partners. We work with numerous partners across the country and worldwide

Your custom online catalog makes it quick and simple for your loyalty & reward program members to select rewards and redeem them. Our delivery partner, UPS, have committed to shipping rewards within 3 business days of member selection. We provide fulfillment monitoring & tracking, so you don’t have to. All Reward Redemption and Fulfillment activities are tracked and verified.

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We develop a customized ecosystem of discount and lifestyle benefit partners based on our clients segments / target market. This service provides instant discounts / benefits to card carrying customers who present / pay with their cards at these locations.

These benefits include but are not limited to instant discounts, cashback, VIP services, ticket and room upgrades etc. these merchants are sourced and managed daily by LSL

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World Privilege Plus brings together discounts and privileges from global brands (including high street, entertainment and leisure, motoring, electrical, home and garden, fashion, food and drink, travel and gift card deals, etc) into a single platform that avails members with discounts that you can use in store and/or online, from hundreds of leading stores to help save members more money.

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Card Designs and Productions

We design and produce full colour over the edge dual sided Chip Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards, and Plain Plastic Cards compliant with ISO CR-80 standards. This service is either standalone or as part of our bundle loyalty service.

We produce and encode the following card types:

  • Chip Cards
  • Magnetic Strip Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Barcode Cards
  • Regular Plastic Cards

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We provide customized in-house training courses in all areas of Customer Strategy allowing for the most cost-effective and efficient way to train your teams. We work closely with organizations to plan and formulate specific training solutions that will inevitably match your company’s specific organizational requirements.

Our training programs are customized to suit your particular needs at your chosen location at a date and time that is convenient for you at a highly cost effective rate. Our Customer Strategy Training courses cover areas such as:

  • Customer Loyalty Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Strategic Service Management
  • Change Management
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Personnel Productivity
  • Strategic Service Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Employee Motivation and Quality Management
  • New Product Development

To maximize the effectiveness of our training programs and increase your return on training investment, Loyalty Solutions Limited utilizes several training and facilitation methods for optimal knowledge transfer. Our training methodologies include:

  • Group debriefs
  • Behavioural modelling and role-plays
  • One-to-one and group discussions
  • Individual and team exercises
  • Case studies, simulations and small projects
  • Films, video-taping and playback
  • Self-analysis questionnaires and learning tools

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LSL provides professional market survey services for corporate clients and has established its expertise in design, development and deployment of accurate and customer defined research and survey projects in this area.  Our survey engagement methodology breaks into the following phases:

Survey design

LSL is able to design customer surveys for clients, based on specified market research objectives agreed upon at inception.   We typically aim for a 360° view of correlated issues within the client’s desired outcomes or business environment.  The design phase essentially assures that the survey plan and schedule is sound, the data integrity reliable, and the analysis fact based and accurate.

Survey Development

Survey development concentrates on establishing reliable metrics for the less quantifiable objectives such as “Customer Satisfaction”, and will permit an objective analysis of often subjective issues under research.  The result of a Survey Development Exercise will be to create a pool of queries for a Master Questionnaire to be structured, deployed and aimed at specific market segments or profiles.

Data Sorting & Analysis

Data is cleaned and error-corrected, with incomplete or erroneous data excised and catalogued separately, and the final index of results formatted for a range of data processing and management applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

Where required or indicated, LSL also provides an analysis of the results either in numeric or graphic charted forms. An additional report can also be generated, concentrating on drawing inferences and conclusions from the numerical results on the collected data.

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